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It all started when...

I was waiting for my local Public Library branch in Parma , Ohio the day of the Chardon High School Tragedy  
On Feb. 27 , 2012 Worldstock Entertainment's initial reaction at 9 A.M. is to reach out to local musician friends about doing a benefit concert to help victims & their families.
At 4 P.M. Feb.27,2012: 
My (at that time 3rd Grade) 9 yr. old grandson comes home & says
"I Hate My Teacher" . 
Apparently he had a substitute that day that yelled at him for talking in class. 
In that instant the" Larger" issue becomes "Personal" & in the coming days we form the beginnings of the One Heartbeat R.O.C.K.S. Initiative
( Reaching Our Children with Kindness & Sensitivity )
Fast forward to July 20,2012 : 
A mass murder takes place at a theater in Aurora, Colorado
Fast forward to December 14, 2012 &
Fast forward to April 11, 2013 :
I attend a Screening / Forum of “Reject” at Tower City Cinema as part of the Cleveland International Film Festival & am totally in awe of this film & the information it contains.
The “Dots” begin to get Connected & a cooperative /collaborative relationship with Ruth Thomas-Suh begins to develop.
We are now a partner with the Reject Team & are promoting screenings of the film coupled with Community dialogues based on the themes of the film as well as promoting use & implementation of the ideas put forth in the film & the accompanying Education Guide they have put together.
Our goal is to create a socio - educational environment where All Children are ACCEPTED , RESPECTED & PROTECTED.