FEB. 18 , 2018

rock against terrorism
"The Shout heard around the world

It all started when...

I met Matthew Millan's father Harold Millan in the Hospitality Lounge at the Cleveland International Film Festival in March of 2017 & heard about Stronger Than Bullets
After seeing this powerful & moving film I knew that something needed to be done to spread the message.
Just as I had done upon seeing Alive Inside at the 2014 festival & Reject at the 2013 festival , I offered my help.
When I also heard about Apo W. Bazidi's film Resistance Is Life the plan was clear & the stage was set.
Just as we started Rock Against Dementia to support Alive Inside we realized that we could use that model to Rock Against Oppression but in light of incidents around the globe we decided to Rock Against Terrorism so watch for the Worldwide 1st Annual Rock Against Terrorism Concert to be held on Feb. 18 , 2018 at locations around the globe.
If you are interested in Organizing your own event in your Community , Performing in an event or Participating in any other capacity contact :
Wayne " Woody" Mesker
Rock Against Terrorism
E-MAIL: rockagainst@outlook.com
PH: 216-375-4920